Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Seen a lot!

I have seen so many film and started a new anime all within the past month.

Here's a quick summary-

Currently watching Toradora 


  • Ex-Machina: Been eyeing this film for a over a month and was very curious as to what this sci-fi film would be like. Sadly enough it LACKED depth, not enough backstory...Like the writer could have went many directions with this film and was kept at bay. Narrow path; with little character development. However the ending left me a tad annoyed. This is worth watching just so that you understand the frustration the audience senses; sitting on their seat waiting for something to happen. Only it doesn't. (5/10)
  • The Next Step Movie: Kids film based off the hit TV series. Provided a back stage pass to the characters and their live dance show. (8/10)
  • Me, Earl and The Dying Girl: I wasn't in the right mind-frame when I saw this film. It is definitely a film worth analyzing. You can watch it passively, however I felt like I lost in the end by doing so. I hope to once day view this film again and take a deeper look. (7/10)
  • Inside Out: Great kids movie. Better than Frozen. Provided a good introduction to psychology for all age groups. Touching and humorous film. (8/10)
  • Jurassic World: Dinosaurs.Childhood.Good watch but still can't comprehend how on earth did it break box office records?! (6.5/10)
  • Mad Max: Meh, what was the hype about? Interesting film but nothing extraordinary. Want extraordinary? Watch Prometheus. (6/10)

Sunday, May 31, 2015


6/10 stars
Better than Tomorrowland. I'll give it that.

Had some good laughs.
The storyline was mediocore. Loved Emma Stone. However-what's happening with our lovely Rachel McAdams?!? Feel like this woman has so much more potential yet is hiding behind these stale roles. She was great in Mean Girls. We all got to see a different side to her. Loved her in Red Eye and thought she did well in Time Traveler's Wife. Someone write a script for this woman! Something that will bring her out of her comfort zone.

I rate this film 6/10 stars.

Side Note: After seeing this film I don't think it's fair for me to give it 6 stars and then rate The Left Ear 5 stars. Reflecting and comparing the two I think I enjoyed The Left Ear more.
That being said I re-rate The Left Ear also at 6 stars.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Tempted to just skip writing this essay and just tell y'all straight up- This movie was BS.
Maybe that's too blunt... This movie had some good elements (very few I may add) but definitely did not outweigh the bad. One moment of redemption for this film was Hugh Laurie's speech towards the end of the film. 

I've been waiting a year to see this movie and I'm a fan of Britt Robertson (woman lead). But for goodness sakes this movie was so boring. I kid you not, I actually dozed off a few times during this 2 hour feature.
3/10 stars

First lets state the obvious:  A girl (Casey Newton played by Britt Robertson) touches this mysterious pin and it brings her to Tomorrowland. Now considering the film is titled this, you'd expect a good portion of the film to occur in this foreign land. Second, she needs to get there with the help of this grumpy man aka George Clooney as the pin malfunctions.

The movie lagged and the journey to get back to Tomorrowland almost seemed pointless, considering we were never there for a long time to begin with (Perhaps that would have worked better as a sequel pitch). Britt Robertson's character (Casey) is an optimistic and intelligent girl who strives on finding solutions. She doesn't care what the problem is but is intrigued and inspired by what others are doing about it.

I don't want to reveal too much... But this so-called Tomorrowland is depicted as a scientific utopia. Sadly along the way Casey discovers that the latter may not be true.

What this film lacks is depth.  The film was in the trenches but managed to stay afloat thanks to the acting efforts of Britt Robertson. Clooney wasn't anything special, if not merely the new Harrison Ford of this day and age.

I believe the moral of this film is great however its message was lost in translation and its poor execution didn't leave a strong enough impact. Ultimately I think the film aims to draw awareness to humanity's lack of want to truly change the world's doomed fate.

As for the score music, it was childsplay. 

Overall, considering the cinematography, graphics, storyline and acting I could care less about venturing to Tomorrowland.

I rate this film 3/10 stars.

Good elements of film:
  • Storyline had potential
  • Good woman lead
  • Funny
Bad elements of film:
  • Tomrrowland didn't look inviting
  • Score music boring
  • Feature too long
  • Build up to climax seemed pointless

The Left Ear

My first time viewing a Mandarin film in theatres (Pretty Cool) ^_^

The poster peaked my interest...

Viewed  May 20

This is a coming of age film that revolves around a group of teenagers whose lives end up being intertwined due to love and hate. Li Er (17 year old girl-main lead) is deaf in the left ear and is in love with her school mate Xu Ge; whom later becomes infatuated with the town girl "slut" Bala.  Li Bala pursues Xu Ge due to her love for Zhang Yang  whom makes a special request for her to ruin Xu's life.

Bala's death becomes a turning point in the film and has rippling effects through the characters lives. 

I liked this film and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm surprised at how much I was drawn to Bala's character. She had a bubbly personality and brought life to the film. Despite being recognized as a town "slut" you can tell that beneath the surface, a pureness remained and she was no different than her co-star Li Er who acted out in the name of love.

I rate this film 5/10 stars.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Avengers:Age of Ultron and Sket Dance Anime Farewell!

Finally mustered up the courage to complete one of my fave animes of all times Sket Dance. It was definitely hard watching the last episode. Started a new one called Servant x Service. Never watched an anime geared towards the office environment so this will be interesting!

Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was hesitant in seeing this film as I kept hearing mixed reviews. Most people said this film was either worst or equal to the 1 installment of the series. Surprisingly enough I must be an outlier because I found Avengers 2 to be much more entertaining than the first. I preferred this 
storyline and really enjoyed Elizabeth Olsen's debut in the series.

7.5/10 STARS

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shine or Go Crazy!

Just completed this Korean Historical Drama.
Hands down one of my fave kdramas I have seen to date.
See my full length review on the Kdrama Page.